Good times, noodle salad

I didn’t have any plans for the weekend and most of the time these turn out to be the best kind.

I’ve been writing back and forth with a dear friend whom I thought I’d lost contact with years ago.

Friday Scott came over and we watch a pretty good zombie movie while noshing on good pizza.

Saturday I didn’t plan to do a thing. Instead I whipped up an awesome rice dish, shipped out my motorcycle windshield, and had a great nap. haha Yeah, I know. Living la vida loca, right?

Sunday I found myself at the target range at the last minute. I was shooting groups a lot tighter than a couple of weeks ago. In fact I did some speed shooting and was happy to see I was hitting center mass on all ten rounds. Sweet!

Afterwards Chad and I swung by Barkleys and hung out. I hadn’t planned on grocery shopping, even thought I really needed to, and Mark called to report on his morning date. Knowing he’d have a very entertaining accounting of the events it would take the boredom out of grocery shopping so off I went.

Shortly after I got everything put away at home Mark came by and we went out for dinner. Shepherds Pie, garlic toast and topped it off with some slightly passable german chocolate pie. Good conversation, plenty of laughs, and my hunger pacified for the next eight hours.

Now I’m at home and catching up on a little TV. I’m feeling relaxed and the fringes of drowsiness sneaking up on me.

Good times.


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