Cool Things

This is the page of all things cool. They range from ‘totally’ to ‘awesomely’, but they all have one thing in common. They’re cool.

You’re invited to comment or send in your own suggestions of what you think belongs here. Enjoy!

The Curtis P-40 & Nose Art

In World War 2 many of the pilots spent so many hours flying that their planes became their second home. They looked at their planes not as a machine, but an entity, a friend, and their lives depended on that friend. So, it wasn’t a surprise when pilots began to personalize their planes with nose art.

One of the, in my opinion, hands down coolest was the Curtis P-40 Warhawk. Not only was the nose art fricken off the scale, but the plane just looks good.

The Tiger Tank

April, 1972   DC Comics published a comic that combined everything I liked. It was Sgt. Rock #244. It had B-17’s, P-40’s and …

This isn’t just a picture of a Tiger. I was painstakingly rendered by Russ Heath and when you turned the page and opened to this two page full colored artwork, it set my eyes twinkling with a fever. From that time to now the Tiger has had a fond place in me. Even seeing this now I still feel the thrill of wanting to grab a model Tiger and roll it around saying, ‘pew pew’.


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