You are not alone

I don’t know if it’s more a testament to the fascination of what you can find on the internet, or how low I’ll sink to find something entertaining. When it seems that I can’t find anything else, I use Googles search window as sort of a social Magic Eight Ball.

While a chunk of the human race searches for answers to being fat and single, millions more are trying to understand why they’re on this planet.

This is the all time question. It’s been pondered across the world, from the beginning of written history, and by everyone from Aristotle to Whoope Goldberg.

But, I wonder why people want to know. What would they do with the answer if they had it? Would the answer be something they’d save for parties to pick up girls? Would knowing change who they are? Would the answer be so powerful that it would change their lives and set them on an entirely new path?

I know the answer, and can tell you in one word. No.  Why, you ask? I know that answer too, and I can tell you in two words. Human nature.

With all things there are exceptions, but I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about the majority. The masses.

Here is a perfect example of human nature. It’s the story of Moses and the Israelites. I know religion might not be your thing, but bear with me.

God speaks to Moses and tells him to lead the Israelites out of slavery from the Pharaoh, who in todays world would have been sued by every member of the Labor Relations Board down to his last shekel, or drachma, or whatever. The Pharaoh had a dim view of the Israelites.

The Israelites figure Moses is a better deal than the Pharaoh, I mean, he’s one guy and old at that. They can take him if it comes to blows. So, following Moses they escape.

Now, this wasn’t a weekend road trip. They were traveling for a long, long time and during that time Moses told the Israelites everything about God, heaven, the meaning of life. And it wasn’t just about words. Things got pretty rough. Starvation, thirst, killer snakes, and lets not forget the big show, center stage, the Pharaoh was after them.

Moses called food from the sky, water from stones, a pillar of fire during the nights. Calling on the power of God he parted the Red Sea.

Let me put this in perspective. Moses has been telling the Israelites about God and why we’re here on earth. Okay, some may believe, some are just along for the ride. Then, with the armies of the Pharaoh breathing down their necks, and the Israelites about to plotz, God does the ultimate ‘told ya so’ and divides the Red Sea so they can pass to the other shore.

Now what more proof is needed that they’ve been told the truth? Yet, these same Israelites went on doing the same things, living the same way.

They were now in possession of the truth, the meaning of life and were eye witnesses, several times over, of the existence of a supreme being. Why did this happen?

Human nature.

Just because we know something to be true does not mean it will change our lives.

You’re going to die. It’s a fact. The time you have left on this planet is ticking away. For some it’s ticking pretty damn fast. But you’ve known you’re going to die for years. Has it changed you? Have you done more with your life? If not, don’t feel bad. It’s human nature.

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