What’s that app – #1

Todays post comes a request I got recently, which is what apps does the Beastly one have on his iPhone. I know, this won’t be for everyone. Some of you have Blackberries, some have Androids, and others have two halves of coconuts that you bang together.


I don’t know about you, but there are times when texting takes too much attention and finger typing, but there’s not enough to say  to justify a phone call. That’s where HeyTell comes in.

heytell-iphone-144770.320x460.1266062603.0418This, very cool, very handy, app turns your iPhone into a walkie-talkie. When I first came across this I thought it was a clever gimmick, but after using it a few times I realized how useful it really is.

When you open the app you’re given a with a big orange button on it. Pretty clear, so far. You press it and speak your message. But before you just fire off your mental wanderings to the great unknown, you may want to pick just one lucky person to receive your message.

Above the orange button there’s a smaller button that looks like a green PacMan about to eat a ball. Pressing that will open your contacts. From there you can pretty much figure it out.

Now, back to the juicy stuff.  Now you’ve got your contact selected and all that’s left is just pressing the orange button and 2-heytellspeaking. When you release it it’ll send your voice message off to them. In a matter of seconds, or less, they’ll get your message… providing they have the app too.

If you’re not in the app when you get a message HeyTell will pop up on your screen letting you know. And if you have turned on HeyTells location service in the iPhones settings screen then you can send your location when you send a message. This is a useful feature for locating people you’re either meeting up with, or other situations I can’t be bothered to think up.

Messages are stored and can be played back. I’ve use this app all the times and it’s a great time saver. I could coo and gush over it, but I’ll let you play with it and discover how it fits into your life style.

It’s available on the iTunes app store and best of all it’s free.


Now that’s how it’s done

After a week of eye straining, brain numbing, frustrating stress I was ready to see the back of this week and wasted no time it starting it right.
I finally tweaked the last bit of my website to my liking. Had one of Karens delicious dinners. Watched Men Who Stare At Goats with the family. Then sat out in the chilly yard with a fine cup of coffee and a good cigar talking with Karen about … just stuff.
Then we crawled into bed with iPads in hand and tried to stay awake reading.
I was really pleased when i woke up and saw it was 8:30 in the morning.

Now, that’s how to start a weekend.