Not sore yet

20140213-112625.jpgAfter too long of a delay Karen and I went to the gym last night. We both did really well and I think it was something that we both needed badly.

A great steam afterwords then followed by a quick bite and then a visit over to Marks where we enjoyed the pleasure of a fire pit.
Why do I end up having to make my sandwiches with shredded cheese? Why doesn’t anybody buy good old-fashioned sliced cheese anymore?


A rare sighting

SimonMennerCamouflage007Sorry its been so long. I made a sizable change in my life and much of my time after the day job is being used less idly.

I have three projects I’m working on. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic it’s just that until these things actually come to fruition it’s hard to know if they could succeed or fail. And rather than everybody congratulating me and encouraging me now, if they flop I’d rather have things die a quiet death and not face the embarrassment.

You know what I mean.
I’m keeping this short cause I’m posting on the road but I’ll update more when I the chance to get to a real keyboard


Guilty by Freedom of Expression

TSA-Nazi-LogoWhen people complain about a company that company usually takes steps to improve it’s quality. But the TSA isn’t very keen on quality, or self improvement. And they don’t like it when people complain about them, so they’ve put their heads together and came up with a brilliant idea. Ready? The TSA decided that if you complain about them that qualifies you as a possible terrorist. Continue reading

A Little Breeze, a Little Shade

It a Sunday afternoon. I’m still disappointed by a crappy run this morning. I pulled the muscle in my left calf last week pretty bad and even though it’s still tight I wanted to run today. I was wrapping up the first half mile when my left calf decided it didn’t want to be a muscle anymore and promptly exploded.

Back home was disappointing too. My wifi was annoyingly slow, there was nothing on TV, and boredom was creeping in. Continue reading

When life happens

I had grand plans to spend time in front of the keyboard over the weekend. Yeah, those ideas? Think of the Titanic. Think of the Hindenberg.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great weekend when you ignore the part about lack of sleep, but still a good weekend. There was just no time to write.

Okay, that’s partly true. There was time. It was how I chose to use it. And instead of choosing a key board in front of me I chose a motorcycle under me.

So, I apologize to everyone for the lack of updates.  My hope is that things will quite down mid week and I’ll post something for your delight and awe.  Okay, I’ll settle for mild interest.


What’s that app – #1

Todays post comes a request I got recently, which is what apps does the Beastly one have on his iPhone. I know, this won’t be for everyone. Some of you have Blackberries, some have Androids, and others have two halves of coconuts that you bang together.


I don’t know about you, but there are times when texting takes too much attention and finger typing, but there’s not enough to say  to justify a phone call. That’s where HeyTell comes in.

heytell-iphone-144770.320x460.1266062603.0418This, very cool, very handy, app turns your iPhone into a walkie-talkie. When I first came across this I thought it was a clever gimmick, but after using it a few times I realized how useful it really is.

When you open the app you’re given a with a big orange button on it. Pretty clear, so far. You press it and speak your message. But before you just fire off your mental wanderings to the great unknown, you may want to pick just one lucky person to receive your message.

Above the orange button there’s a smaller button that looks like a green PacMan about to eat a ball. Pressing that will open your contacts. From there you can pretty much figure it out.

Now, back to the juicy stuff.  Now you’ve got your contact selected and all that’s left is just pressing the orange button and 2-heytellspeaking. When you release it it’ll send your voice message off to them. In a matter of seconds, or less, they’ll get your message… providing they have the app too.

If you’re not in the app when you get a message HeyTell will pop up on your screen letting you know. And if you have turned on HeyTells location service in the iPhones settings screen then you can send your location when you send a message. This is a useful feature for locating people you’re either meeting up with, or other situations I can’t be bothered to think up.

Messages are stored and can be played back. I’ve use this app all the times and it’s a great time saver. I could coo and gush over it, but I’ll let you play with it and discover how it fits into your life style.

It’s available on the iTunes app store and best of all it’s free.

Giving Hotmail the cold shoulder

internetsecurityThe internet is an All or Nothing place when it comes to our information. The moment you tap any information about yourself on a web page it’s captured, and yes that’s true even if you don’t hit the Enter key.

We tell ourselves that we can trust (or hope we can trust) the company on the other side of the screen that they’ll keep our information private, that they’ll abide by their rules of privacy. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the company the more secure your information will be.

Not so.

Over the weekend Microsoft disabled HTTPS for Hotmail which shocked me, but it didn’t happen here. Not in America. It happened in a dozen countries, including Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Congo, Myanmar, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Countries where the government is brutally rooting out protestors and wreaking retribution by way of beatings, arrests, perhaps worse.

Just like that these governments had a wide open door to go in and read the emails of anyone they wanted. How could this happen, or better yet, why would Microsoft do this?

The following day Microsoft denied they deliberately disabled HTTPS and said it was not “restricted to any specific region of the world.” Except some regions dodged this bullet, like Turkey, and Israel, to name a couple. Microsoft would not explain or give any details for what happened. Maybe this is to save face and not look bad, but to me it couldn’t look much worse, and a lack of explanation leaves a lot of shilouette_hackerroom for negative speculation.

Not knowing why it happened bothers me, but it’s a moot point. Some guy could have spilled his coffee on the server that manages that area of the world, for all I know. But I don’t like guessing games and I especially don’t like it when companies ,who are responsible for the security of my information, take the 5th when something goes wrong.

People can believe it’s a crap shoot when picking who you entrust with your email and other information. I suppose that can be true, but Microsoft seems like more of a gamble than I’m willing to take. I’m going to shut down my Hotmail account with them and go somewhere else. It might be pointless of me to do this, but I’d rather not have my personal email wide open the next time someone spills their coffee.