That’s gotta hurt

I’m not a die hard Rams fan, but losing to the 49ers zero to thirty five… even I’m feeling the pain of that one.

What’s going on with the Rams? Okay, they’ve struggled in the past, but this? There’s something really wrong going on with them.

I want to see them come back to the glory they once had. It’d be nice if the coaching staff could make it happen.


Packers vs Rams

Not too long from now the Packers will square off against the Rams. Mark is a Rams fan while I’m for the Packers.

I think it’s going to be a blood bath with the Rams taking a beating… I hope. hehe

We’ll know soon enough.

When something pays for itself the cost doesn’t hurt as much

There’s a funny thing about buyers remorse, that even after you’ve bought something months later it can still come up. What I’ve discovered, though, is that my iPhone is very capable of answering the challenge.

I recently started riding with Mark around the park/golf course. Something that I like about traveling is knowing where I’ve been, and a couple of weeks ago I discovered something that makes keeping track of that more fun and interesting.

It’s called MotionX GPS, and it’s an app that runs on the iPhone. With it you can track where you go, your speed, time, distance, and more. Everything you’d need to know is explained on their web site, but I can tell you that some of the coolest features are that you can record, save, and upload your tracks to Google Earth.

As I continue to ride I’ll be able to match my times and see my speed improve. The same things goes for running…. when ever I start that again.

I opened my track on Google Earth with no problem and it showed my path in blue. It’s a bit hard to see it in some places. There’s a gap where there’s no line only because I’d forgotten to start it up when I first started my ride.

I couldn’t do it on the bike, but it’s also got a feature to take picutres using the phones camera and geomap the photo into the track. Really amazing.

More to come but I’m heading out to breakfast. Hmmmm… maybe I’ll track that too.