Guilty by Freedom of Expression

TSA-Nazi-LogoWhen people complain about a company that company usually takes steps to improve it’s quality. But the TSA isn’t very keen on quality, or self improvement. And they don’t like it when people complain about them, so they’ve put their heads together and came up with a brilliant idea. Ready? The TSA decided that if you complain about them that qualifies you as a possible terrorist.

I’m not making this up. The TSA has created a list of 70 “behavioral indicators” they use to detect “high risk” passengers and, you guessed it, complaining about the TSA is on that list.

I’m thinking about other large organizations that had nearly absolute power of you. You could be detained without an attorney. You could be searched based on little, and sometimes, no evidence at all. You expressed dissatisfaction at your own peril. You, or a member of your family, could be taken away and you weren’t allowed to see them, talk to them, and if you interfered you’d be carted off, too.

We have a 1st Amendment right that is supposed to protect us. I don’t always agree with what the 1st Amendment allows, for example it protects speech of racism, and hate so long as it does not incite imminent lawless action. It even protects the burning of the American flag which I find insulting. But these are our freedoms, our right, and they are protected by law, but… it is apparent that the TSA feels they’re immune to the Constitution. constitution

The TSA is looking to expand it’s power of us because they’re geared up to not just seek out terrorists. They’re after criminals. What that means and the extent of power they’ll be exercise over us is still unclear, but based on their history there’s no doubt it can’t be good.

i-luv-tsa Consider that once they’re given the thumbs-up to deal with criminals they make the argument their agents are at risk of bodily harm. They’ll want to give their agents guns. Nothing to worry about there. You’ll have hundreds of people, packed in tight groups with a bunch of rude, glowering, overweight, high school drop outs with a superiority complex that makes Hitler look like Gandhi, and loaded semi-autos right there on their belts.

So, just to be sure I have this right, you could burn the American flag while giving a racist speech, and the TSA wouldn’t touch you, but if you said something negative about the TSA they’d have the right to take you away.

Be afraid.



3 thoughts on “Guilty by Freedom of Expression

    • They are a branch of Homeland Security. While I support the purpose of having security the TSA have been let off the leash.
      It will end in tears.

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