A Little Breeze, a Little Shade

It a Sunday afternoon. I’m still disappointed by a crappy run this morning. I pulled the muscle in my left calf last week pretty bad and even though it’s still tight I wanted to run today. I was wrapping up the first half mile when my left calf decided it didn’t want to be a muscle anymore and promptly exploded.

Back home was disappointing too. My wifi was annoyingly slow, there was nothing on TV, and boredom was creeping in.

Due to the price of gas I didn’t want to drive since our President has seen fit to starve us of our own oil resources, but instead make us the bitch of the oil producing world. It’s too warm to ride the motorcycle in full gear. Being sensitive about money it didn’t make sense to buy anything.

Sigh… So there we are watching Spiderman 3 wondering why nobody’s using water-dropping helicopters on the Sandman and SWAT team snipers haven’t put a bullet in Venmon.
To the rescue comes Karen. “Lets go to the little Starbucks down on the corner and sit in the patio?”

I still don’t get why she says ‘little’ all the time, but it sounded like a good idea. So, here we sit in a shady patio as Tony Bennett sings Just In Time while a satisfying breeze shuffles the palm tree fronds above me.

So here’s one of life’s little lessons. When your day’s not working for you, it’s just not working there. Go somewhere else because I can tell you, this life of yours has a perfect place for you where everything is just right. I know. I’m there right now.



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