Welcome to the new site





As you might have noticed there’s been no Beastly posts for a while and I’ll tell you why.


I’m an expressive guy and I was bored to tears with the format of my original site. Plus it was a little cramped and the layout sucked. I needed more room to roam. After poking around here and there I got my own domain, found a layout I almost, but didn’t fully like. Polished up my html and css skills and made it more to my liking. Ya see the kind of trouble I get myself into when I get bored?

There’s still some stuff I want to do so you’ may see small things change over time.



My aim is to let everyone, that’s you by the way, interact more. Comment, vote on polls, email me, and like that.


Why would you want to do any of that? That’s another reason I’m doing this. I’ve been writing a blog, geeez I hate  that word, off and on for a few years. One of the hardest things about doing that is writing about something people would find interesting to read. Okay honestly, how many of us have lives that are so interesting that we can write about it every day, or week, or even sometimes a month?

I’m expanding the range of this site beyond my goings on and giving you, dearest and most loyal reader, an open door to partake likewise.

So, welcome in! Click here to go to the main page. Enjoy the new digs.


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