Why it never seems to get old

iphone 4I’m a kid at heart. I’m also a zen warrior, a master spy, and the guy that taught Indiana Jones everything he knows… in my own mind. In reality… well, we’ll just leave that sleeping dog lay.

So, back to being

a kid at heart. What I mean by this is that I don’t let maturity dial down the enjoyment I feel over something. You know what I mean. Maturity can be like a scratchy, thick blanket that muffles everything. You smile instead of laugh, or nod instead of high fiving. I think maturity is about gaining and using wisdom in life, and not about being stoic. But I’m getting off topic.

Yes, I’m writing about my iPhone. I can hear some of you wincing, but stick with me and you’ll find this isn’t some starry eyed slobber-fest. Now, I know there are those out there who hate the iPhone. They groan or roll their eyes at the mention. When someone pulls one out the haters tick off a grocery list of all the things wrong with the phone, the person, their dog, and the pitiful existence their kids must live.

I don’t get it. But, rather than trying to figure it out I’ll tell you why, even after years of having my iPhone, I still brings a smile to me.

Go to any fan site, review, or what have you and you’ll read about the design. You’ll find the same words over and over; it’s sleek, sexy, lines this, texture that. Some may have done a little homework about the designer Jonathan Ive. The man who, I believe, made Apple practically addictive. You’ll read about all of that, and yes, it’s true.

But what holds a certain pleasure for me is that this small, shiny, flat waffer can pack so much in it. Make a call, sure. Take a picture, sure. But it goes so far past that. It’s like a Swiss Army knife that you can attach as many tools as you want, swap them out, or just remove them, on a whim.

I can find not only where I am using Google Earth, I can find where I want to go. It will chart me a route, show me the traffic conditions and if I feel like catching a movie along the way it’ll show me where the theaters are and the show times. If I’m in Little Tokyo and see a sign in Japanese I can take a picture of it and have it translated for me. If I’m out and see something I’d like to buy I can scan it’s bar code and find out who else sells it, what price they sell it for, and get reviews of the product. I can point my iPhone at the sky and it’ll show me what star or planet I’m looking at. It’ll track the satellite I see moving across the night sky. If I forget to set my DVR for a show I can tell it to record. I can scan a printed page and convert it into a PDF which I can save, or email. And the list goes on… and on.

At last count there were over three hundred thousand different apps for the iphone. That’s staggering. Now, some of you may be thinking that you’d never have a use for most or all of the apps I mentioned. Some are smiling dreamily of their own iPhone and others are wondering about getting one. The thing is that it’s only true necessity it has is as a phone. Yeah, that’s it. But, as you begin to use the other functions you realize that, although they aren’t ‘can’t live without’, they very clearly make your daily lifeĀ better.

reception problem

Don’t scoff. The same can be said for shoes, houses, pillows, aspirin, or, dare I say it… coffee. That’s right. I went there. We can survive without any of those things, right?

But why should we? And that same question can be pointed right at the iPhone. What’s bad about a device that is this useful, entertaining, and handy?

The novelty of my iPhone wore off long ago, but my marvel at how useful it is continues years after opening the box and holding it for the first time with a grin on my face and a twinkle in my eye. Okay, that was slightly slobbering.

5 thoughts on “Why it never seems to get old

  1. So to save the rest of us Luddites some labor (or at least the iPhone carrying ones) please post the names of some of these great apps you reference. And yes this was read and responded to via this cool little deally do. But beware auto correct!!!

  2. Interesting, will have a look at the UK apps to see if it is available here. Whatever, you always make it interesting Chris. Please ignore the odd brit fem trying to correct you. They are all like that! Especially my side of the family.

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