Please stop talking

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been part of, or witnessed, an accident. If you’re not hurt your first reaction, mostly likely, would be to rush to help. We may not even think about what we’re doing but the drive to help others in a disaster motivates us to do something, anything. And sometimes we’re in motion before our brain has caught up to us.

On March 12th Obama went on international television and told the world that the United States rushed coolant to the Japanese nuclear power plant.



Um… that nuclear power plant is water cooled.

Even if we accepted the premise that Obama was in the heat of the moment to give Japan aid you’d think that between the time that he called a press conference, the reporters were notified and traveled to the press room, the cameramen were assembled, the make up artist did their work, and so on… you’d think that someone in the Presidents cabinet would have had a few seconds time to advise Obama that the plant used water.

But it didn’t happen. Why? I don’t think it was from a shortage of time. I suspect it’s because the people that Obama has hand picked to advise him didn’t have a clue. Why wouldn’t they?

This is where Obamas lack of experience shines through. The people of the United States did not elect a President. They elected a community organizer.

“I can bring this country together. I have a track record, starting from the days I moved to Chicago as a community organizer.” Barack Obama – February 2007.  If you read about his time in that role you’ll discover he ranged from ineffective to complete failure. Just as he failed to be informed about Japans nuclear power plants.

I wish the embarrassment he caused had ended with his ‘coolant’ statement, but it didn’t. He then went on to say he had asked his Energy Secretary Steve Chu to be in close contact with the Japanese side to provide any assistance necessary, “but also to make sure that if, in fact, there have been breaches in the safety system on these nuclear plants that they’re dealt with right away.”

Dealt with… right away. Wow. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. Did he think people would drag their feet in handling a nuclear reactor breach? I suppose he must have otherwise he wouldn’t have felt the need to give instructions on what to do.

Every time Obama opens his mouth I find myself wincing because I dread what new ways he’ll embarrass us to the rest of the world.  I wish he would just stop talking.



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