A great day in history

I’m running on a few hours of sleep. I feel like I was in under the Running of the Bulls. My body is suffering from a gang beating of chips, taquitos, ice cream bars, and four different kinds of dipping sauces. And my throat is sore and raw.

I’ve had the best day EVER!


The Green Bay Packers have WON the 2011 Super Bowl!

I’ve been a fan of Green Bay for years and there’s been a lot of years where that team made it really hard to cheer for them, but not this day.

Like most people I was a die hard fan of Bret Favre. The guy was flat out amazing. But his shoulders weren’t wide enough to carry the entire team, and frankly, that’s what he did many, many times.

When Aaron Rodgers took his place I was, possibly, his most harshest critic. Everything from his vacant stare to his, almost, endless string of bad passes. I tell you, I couldn’t stand that guy.

But, even I couldn’t deny that game after game the Packers were fighting their way up the ladder towards the Super Bowl. I’m a football fan, but not a football FAN. I can’t tell you the stats of this guy or that, the passing average of whoever, or things like that. But I could see that Rodgers getting better and so was the rest of the team. In their game with the Bears I was worried the Packers wouldn’t have the fight in them to win. I was wrong. In the first half of the game Rodgers was like a sniper with a football for his bullet. Getting his head rocked by a hard tackle messed him up and the second half was touch and go for him, but the entire team was playing, not just Rodgers, and they won.

When I watch a game I let myself get into it. Hardly ever will you see my back touching the couch cushion and last night was no exception. Every time the Steelers had the ball Mark and I would start pointing all over the place to confuse them. We’d yell out directions to fumble or throw an intercept. I think it worked, although Mark was doing it better than me.

I was cheering and yelling through out the game and I have the ragged voice to prove it. It was a great game. The Steelers were no push over. They fought hard. Too hard for my nerves. There were so many heart stopping moments that my friends and family were discussing what recesitating equipment was near at hand.

Even as the final seconds ticked off the clock I refused to call the game over. I had to see it end. I had to hear it officially announced. I am thrilled. After 12 long, frustrating, disappointing years the Packers fought their way into the Super Bowl and won. It is a great day.


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