Nervous? Oh yeah.


I’m on the edge of my seat. The Green Bay Packers are one game away from being in the Super Bowl.

Worse yet, they’re having to go against the Bears to get there. To those who aren’t into football, the Bears are good. Very good.

Leading the Packers is Aaron Rogers who took over from Farve, and to be honest, I’ve never liked Rogers. He’s let me down time after time with his deer in the headlights expressions as he’d throw one intercept after another, fly the ball high over the receiver, fumbles, etc. Each time throwing away the game.

Yet, the Packers are one game away from the Super Bowl. Last week Rogers played amazingly and the Packers hammered the Falcons. I have to give Rogers his due for bringing the Pack this far.

I want to believe Rogers won’t choke. I want to see the Packers in the Super Bowl and win it, but that’s a lot of hope to invest in a team that’s disappointed me so many times in the past.

Okay, so who am I kidding, right? Come this Sunday I’ll be glued to the TV watching every play like a hawk. I’m reading up on the player and team stats. Packers have strong numbers for offence while the Bears just inch ahead for defense.

One thing is sure, it’s going to be a battle. And yes, if you think I’ll be a nervous wreck when the game starts Sunday, if the Packers win this one I’ll be a basket case leading up to the Super Bowl.


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