Sure, I believe in Santa Claus

You should too, and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

I had a great Christmas, and I got some nice gifts, too. There’s people who want to enjoy Christmas, but can’t. There’s things going on in their lives at the moment which make it hard to get into the spirit. I understand that. I’ve had some pretty tough Christmas’ … Christmasis… Christmase’?

If I reach all the way to the farthest back of my memory shelf the first Christmas I can remember was decorating the tree with my father. He had these small tin candle holders from his childhood in Europe. They had clips on the bottom that you’d clip to the tree. Then put a small candle, almost like a birthday candle, in it. Yes, and you’d light it. I understand the mental image is enough to send most everyone running for a fire extinguisher, but those were different times. And by the way, the tree looked magical with the room lights off and the tiny, gold, flicker of candles on it.

I remember another year when i got a Major Matt Mason, the space station and lunar walker. It was the most awesome thing ever. I still feel a thrill at the idea of playing with that thing. It could climb over almost anything, including our Doberman.

I’ve got a stock pile of past Christmas memories and every year there are new memories to add to that collection.

I’ve had Christmas’ that I’ve been entirely alone. Not by choice. I’ve been poor, sick, lonely. I’ve been sad, worried, and in one case, devastated. Yeah, I’ve had some very bad times. I remember them.

I know I’m not alone. Others have had their share of hard times at Christmas. I suppose things like that have taken the luster off the day for them. Others like to make out that they’re too adult, mature, wise, or what have you, so instead of taking part they like to tell you about when they stopped believing in Santa Claus, or how it’s just plain silly, or recite the history of St. Nick, or the origins of the Christmas tree. They seem to feel that by telling any one, who’ll listen to them, ‘the facts’ that they are saving you from participating in a fallacy.

It’s not a fallacy. Their ‘facts’ are only blinders that keep them from seeing the real magic that happens during Christmas. I do believe in Santa Claus because every year I’m lavished with the gifts of memories of Christmas’ past. Cherished friends and family. Kindness from strangers. Parties, songs, moments of ridiculous fun, laughing to tears, and on it goes. It happens every year. Even the bad memories have their place because I can look back on those, knowing I’ve made it through, see where I am now and feel the gratitude, and appreciation of how my family, friends, and even a stranger were there for me. Picked me up and dusted me off.

This Christmas is over, now, but I’ll find the memory of it again next year. Wrapped with a shiny bow and I’ll relive the moments with my wonderful daughters, a priceless wife, irreplaceable friends. There’ll be good food, cigars, the Rifleman theme song, and Red Rider BB guns.

That’s why I do believe in Santa Claus and you should too.


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