Weekend Bike-umentary

Something I love to do is roll out the motorcycle for a weekend ride. Add a riding companion and I’m ready to twist the throttle.

The route today would take us through the Los Padres National Forest.

We got an early start with a short hop to Priscilla’s coffee for some breakfast noshing. Per tradition

Karen got a croissant-zilla. Put a couple of tires on it and it would outdistance the motorcycle.

We were having a great time and didn’t stop to take many photos, sorry about that.

While Karen has done some riding with me before, I’ve kept those rides a little more toned down. It’s important for the passenger and rider

to learn to work as a team, understand the feel of the bike with two people on it, and like that. She was an instant natural on the bike and I decided that I’d have a little more fun when I took the twisties, this time.

As we started going through the canyon the road was greeting us with lavish gifts of hairpin turns and S curves. Rolling into the first turns I let the bike keep some of it’s speed and let it lean lower, and lower and then I hear through my helmet radio a ‘whoooo hoo hoo!’.
I couldn’t help but grin, just a little. There’s nothing quite like being on a bike when it takes a turn. The more it leans the more you feel yourself sink into the saddle. The world tilts in a way you’re not used to and the road looks close enough that you could reach out and touch it. In fact, you can.
All of this combines into a exhilarating moment and Karen was having a generous helping of it.

Just before we got onto Interstate 5, we stopped at Denny’s where my notorious poor culinary judgment led me to order this abomination.

A real world Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. My advice to fellow travelers: Avoid at all costs.

Full and tired we weren’t as enthusiastic to get back in the saddle. It was the last leg of our ride and though not as glamorous it had the very distinct appeal that it would take us home.

We turned onto the 5 and into the traffic. What I feared would feel like a long boring ride on a highway turned out to be not so bad. Soon we were rolling into the driveway of our home. Kickstand down and killing the engine I could hear both of us give a happy sigh.
A good ride leaves you glad for the experiences, the memories, and happy to be back home.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Bike-umentary

  1. That was a great ride, I loved the citrus farm smells. Do you remember how it just got hotter and hotter as we got closer to home? It felt like someone was turning up the controls on the oven.

  2. Dude…had I known Ojai was in your route, I’d have given you some pointers and “must-sees” there. Heeeee, looks like you went over Sulpher Mountain, was it … um … sulphery??

  3. Cim, I used to know someone who lived in Ojai. Been there many times, but I’m always keen to learn new places to poke around. Tell me more.

    Hmmmmm… not much sulfur that I remember, but I guess they can’t just call it ‘Mountain’.

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