It was alot more fun in my head

My 4th of July was a lot more fun in my head than how it turned out in reality.
The plan was to meet up with my friends Thursday morning and trailer our motorcycles up north where we’d spend three days biking through the country, camp, and in general, have a great time. I had all my gear ready by the front door, the bike fueled, everything that needed charging was at max power. I was set.
That came to a quick end with a one, two punch of insomnia and vertigo Wednesday night. By Thursday morning I was still awake and a wreck. That motorcycle trip would happen without me. My gear would mock me for the next two days.

I spent most of Thursday sleeping. By Friday I was doing better and my vertigo had passed.
Being cooped up I was restless and was aching for something to do. The side gate needed replacing in the worst way. It looked like it lost a fight with a wrecking ball and would fall over with the smallest breeze.

Mark and I got together for breakfast Sunday and the topic of the gate came up in conversation. I idea of building things is exciting. You imagine seeing your creation taking shape and the pride of the finished product. Yes, it’s much more exciting to talk about than actually doing it. Much.
But, swept up thoughts of building something that would rival the great pyramids of Egypt we headed over to Lowes. Not Home Depot. Drive by any Home Depot and you’ll know why.
At Lowes I showed Mark the materials I was thinking of using which kicked off a flurry of brain storming.
Although I had put the building of the fence in my ‘Someday/Maybe‘ list with emphasis on the ‘maybe’ I was getting caught up in idea of doing this and Mark was saying we should do this tomorrow. By the afternoon I decided that Monday we’d do it.

At the last minute Mark was able to swing a date for Monday with a new girl, so I’d be an army of one. Undaunted I headed to Lowes on a cool, overcast Monday morning and loaded up my rattling cart with lumber, bolts, spikes, and an awesome sledge hammer. I mean, lets face it. Nothing can compare to putting all your might into swinging a sledge and pounding something. No wonder Thor likes his job.

One of the things that I really hated about the prospect of putting up a new fence was having to dig post holes. If you’ve ever done it you’ll know how much that sucks. Big time. Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who feels this way and someone much more clever than me invented the E-Z Spike. It’s a three foot spike topped with a box that you fit your fence post into. How awesome is that? A lot… provided that 1. you don’t drive one of these into the wrong place, or 2. it’s squared, or 3. you do both… like, um… me.
Want to guess how you pull up three feet of steel you’ve just buried? All I can say is, kids, a classical education is a wonderful thing when you screw things up as often as I do.
ā€œGive me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.ā€

I finally got it out and from then on it was pretty much, almost, kind of, smooth sailing.

About one o’clock the clouds burned off and it got really hot really fast. A change from a ball cap to my faithful boonie cap and a liberal application of Bullfrog sunscreen and I was back at it.
In spite of all my measuring I had to hang the gates several times. The reason was they aren’t true, but have funny little warps in the wood. But, I finally got that done and now can take pride in having a nice, new double side gate.
I have no doubt my level of pride will increase as the level of sore and stiff muscles decreases.


5 thoughts on “It was alot more fun in my head

  1. Looks great! I must’ve gotten yer vertigo vibes cuz I was down for the count Monday with a migraine and nausea -man parts of getting old really bites. But seriously the gate looks good and I bet you had at least a little fun.

    • Oh yeah. Clobbering stuff with that sledge was cool. Sorry to hear you got the migraine. I can only deduct you’re using the ‘old age’ excuse to hide the fact you were out doing vodka shots at some girlie bar. None of which I mind, except that I wasn’t invited to go with you.

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