Stuff breeds… yeah but it’s cool stuff so it’s okay

Did you know scuba air tanks need to be re-certified every few years? Yup, they need to be hydro statically inspected to make sure they’re structurally sound.. But when you think about it they go through a lot. They’re under tremendous pressure pushing out when filled with air and when you go diving you have increasing water pressure pushing inward the deeper you go. It’s a hard life for a scuba tank. Frankly, wearing one scared the hell out of me for the longest time.
The scuba shop I’d go to, to have the tank filled had pictures of the destruction of tanks exploding as they were being filled. Walls were litteraly ripped out, holes everywhere from the metal fragments… and lets not forget what happened to Jaws. eeesh!
But, when it wore out it gave you a reason to get a newer and cooler tank

Like scuba tanks, motorcycle helmets have a life span too. Happily they don’t have a reputation of blowing up, but after a while the padding inside it begins to lose it’s ability to buffer an impact from your noggen. So it was with some sadness that I had to retire my faithful Nolan.
As my friends know I can be just a little picky. Just a bit. So shopping for a helmet was a challenge for me. I won’t bore you with all the particular hair splitting I did, but in the end I got the Shoei (pronounced shoe-ie) RF-1000.
I have a Chatterbox X1 so I can talk with anyone on what ever channel I happen to be on but it’s intended to talk to just those people I’m riding with. I took out all the wiring from the Nolan and installed it in the Shoei.
Clipping the iPod to my jacket I hooked it up via a cable to the Chatterbox and took the helmet out for a test ride. It took 20 yards for me to realize the iPod set-up was going to be a pain in the butt.

There I am riding a motorcycle down a freeway while groping for the volume button on something the size of a postage stamp while wearing leather gloves. No way I was going to look down to see what button I’m pushing. Yeah, mangled fiery ball of death by iPod. Not at all attractive to my way of thinking.
I needed to control the iPod without having to look at it or feel around for it, so the most natural place for it is on the handlebar.
Brilliant idea, you’re thinking, but there’s a catch. Now I have three feet of cable running from the iPod to my helmet. Too tight and it’s pulling when I turn my head. Too loose and it’s flapping all over the place.

If there were only some way to get the iPod and Chatterbox to talk. The light went on. I need bluetooth. Ah, technology to the rescue. My searching discovered a Sony transmitter which I’d hook up to the iPod. Then I found the Bilken bluetooh receiver. I ordered both and awaited them with the same glee Dr. Frankenstein felt as he watched for UPS to bring him neck-bolts. Soon my creation would be alive and I’d ride in bluetooh smugness.
Or so I thought. When the Belkin showed up I discovered I’d been duped. Apparently Belkin’s idea of ‘wireless’ doesn’t include an absences of wires. The stupid thing has to be plugged into a wall for power. What the heck?

With a motorcycle trip coming up in a couple of days I was in a rush to get this working and was in the internet saddle looking for a new bluetooth receiver. The winner was the Sony MBR-100. The best price I found was from a shop in New York. I have not had good experiences with buying things from New York but ignoring my prejudice I ordered the receiver, paying a bit more for 2nd day delivery. That way I’d get it Friday. At least that’s what I thought 2nd day delivery meant. It seems that XXXX mobile cityXXXXX Mobil City and I disagree on this. I placed my order Wednesday night and they didn’t ship my order until 10 PM Thursday. Ugh! I’m screwed. Or, am I?

Fedex to the rescue? I looked up the tracking number and saw it’s already close enough that I could pick it up, but wait. Reading more I saw it’s out for delivery. Wow. I don’t know if they require a signature, I’m hoping not cause I’m not there to give it, and called to see if I could pick it up. The girl I talked to was very nice but said it wouldn’t be possible to pick it up. So, now it’s anyones guess. Will the package be there, or will they take it back because they need a signature. Will I have to wait until Monday and miss a bluetooth weekend of riding? Oh the suspense!


Yes!!! Fedex, you rock!Once I get home I can charge up all the parts, hook it up and see if everything works.  This’ll be so cool.


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