Fail… update – Epic Fail

Today is the highly anticipated day when the new iPhone 4 can be pre-ordered… except… you can’t.

Two major companies whose business is invested in the internet and they are choking.


It’s been five hours and ATT and Apple are falling over like a blind drunk lemming. Some of the reports I’ve heard are funny but one is really troubling.

Several people have reported that when they try to access their ATT account they end up in someone elses account with full access to all of that persons information. Full access! Now ATT has shut down their site completely while they “upgrade”.

I’m not angry, but I am slightly amused because ATT is running this ad on their opening page.

The last iPhone release was a cluster F. Apparently “everything” doesn’t include putting the systems in place so they don’t look like douches by screwing up the first day of the pre-order… again!


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