My resolve is as true as an arrow… in a high wind

Today is the day! No, not that. No, not that either. I’m talking about the WWDC. The World Wide Developers Conference. This little ho-down is the where Apple will reveal the next new iPhone, the software it’ll be running, and new products and development of other products.

Each year I balance my excitement of geekdom lust with a philosophy of ‘look but don’t touch’.
Each year I’ve set my resolve and steeled myself against falling victim to they’re flashy lights and big words. And each year they come up with something that evaporates my resolve and I find myself gleefully in possession of the latest and greatest.

Well, not this time. No. With the slip up of the Apple engineer losing the new iPhone 4 at a bar and Gizmodo dissecting that thing down like Russians stealing tech, there were no secrets left for Apple to surprise us with. Something that Steve Jobs is apoplectic with rage over.

I knew their tricks this time. I saw the hidden card up the sleeve, the secret false panel, and while I thought the new iPhone looked pretty good, I had already built my argument for not getting it.
When you sign a contract with AT&T if you want to upgrade your phone to the next new iPhone it’ll cost ya, and cost you big. If, on the other hand, you wait until your contract is up for renewal, the sweet side of AT&T comes out and they’ll generously offer you the latest iPhone for a much reduced price… as long as you sign another contract. Well, last year I caved and took the hit of upgrading to the 3GS, but this year is a new story. As sleek and sexy as the new iPhone may be. As feature rich, clever, useful; heck even if it could detect UFO’s within five miles of me, I wasn’t upgrading. Sorry Mr. Jobs. No dice.

Apple and AT&T must have learned I was prepared for them because this morning they launched a staggering blow.  This morning AT&T announced that for qualified customers they were going to waive the mid-contract upgrade charge and get the discount. Those sneaky cretins.

It’s all out war, now.

The WWDC starts in a few hours. More to come after the smoke clears.


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