Warning! Potential, but not really, danger!

Mark Twain said, “Some of the worst things in my life never even happened”

I am ridiculously in touch with this expression. There are things which I avoid based on no factual information, what so ever. In my mind, there’s a parade of scenarios all of which end with a flaming ball of white hot death. I have no facts to base this on. In fact I have nothing to base it on, but in the absence of facts my mind is willing, if not enthusiastic, to fill in the blanks with a marathon of horrors, and disasters.

Why would I do this to myself? The answer is I’ve no idea.

Case in point; paying bills. I hate paying bills. I hate thinking about paying bills. Worse yet is the idea of having unpaid bills hanging over my head.
So, being the intelligent guy that I am (don’t laugh) I took steps to make it as quick and painless a process as possible.
I have a reminder on my calendar that pops up to tell me when it’s time to pay them. That way I don’t procrastinate. I got a desk organizer to put the bills in so they’re all in one place and I don’t have to hunt through the junk fliers and other debris that comes through the mail slot.
I set up bill pay through my bank so I’m not defeated by lack of postage stamps, or misplacing my checkbook.

So come the first of the month the calendars on my phone, iPad, and computer tells me to pay the bills. I look over and see the bills collected and orderly in my Pottery Barn organizer. Right next to it is my letter opener. My online bank has been set up with the information for me, so I only need to tap in the amounts and it’s done.
And yet, I balk. Then a day goes by. Then another. And now I’m beginning to think about the time going by and if I put this off they’ll be late fees. And another day goes by. Well, you get the point.

Eventually I grab the envelopes, slice them open while watching a TV show, and then go to the computer and log in to the bank.

Would anyone care to guess how long it takes me to actually pay my bills on the computer?
Got your answer?
3 minutes.

That’s it. I know, right? This is one of those things about myself that boggle my mind, and yet, like Charlie Brown always coming back for another try at kicking that football, I seem to do this over and over.
I can drag three minutes into days. Yeah, it’s like magic.

Am I alone in this? What simple thing do you have that you create a monster from?

In the mean time I remind myself that it’s only 3 minutes. No problem. I can do 3 minutes… right after I do this other thing…


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