When it means what it says

Sometimes it’s an expression and sometimes it’s a brand name. And then there’s times it’s both.
Having sampled both, I can honestly say it’s Bad A$$.

In gearing up for the three day weekend Mark was coming over

Friday night for some grill’n. Mark had his grill at my place and while it’s been a faithful source of fine burgers of past, it had see better days.  Much, much, better days.  That’s not red paint. Every time I moved it, it reminded me of Charlie Browns friend Pig Pen who’d shed a cloud of dust everywhere he went.

So, wanting to avoid easting rust-burgers I ran out to Home Depot (sorry Lowes. I was in a rush) and got a new, but super cheap, grill.

Yet, it did the job very nicely. The burgers were a success.

We liked them so much Mark came over the next evening and we grilled up some more.  I’m not sure I fully understand grilling though. It seems kind of wasteful in a way. It only takes a few minutes to cook something but the coals are hot enough to cook tons of burgers.

I think tonight I’m going to see how it does with chicken. mmmmm…. Anyone want to come over?

3 thoughts on “When it means what it says

  1. See my blog for a tasty and interesting way to cook a chicken on the bbq!!! Although, your gill might not be tall enough for this.

    • I was planning to cook up chicken breasts but yours looks so much better. But, you’re right. I don’t think mine is tall enough to cook a whole bird upright like that. I’ll have to experiment.

  2. Try putting peaches, bananas or pineapple in foil and leave them ion there while you eat your meat.

    Just call me Martha (sans the prison record).

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