Proof I’m not a Starbucks snob

Near where I live there’s a Starbucks.

Hang on. Before you snicker at how obvious that sounds I was about to say, it’s a drive thru.  It’s only a couple of minutes from home, but in the opposite direction from my office.  There’s something that rubs me the wrong way when I’m traveling away from my destination, even if it is a Starbucks that’s tempting me off the beaten path.  But I have a back up plan. There’s also a Starbucks near my office… but (there’s always a ‘but’) this Starbucks sits in a trendy part of town on the corner of the block and there’s just a few parking places. Today they were all taken.

Instead of chancing a parking ticket I went up the block to Peet’s Coffee. I hadn’t been there before but I’m feeling the beginnings of a cold coming on, and on a wet, cold morning like this something is needed to warm me up.

They had a great, and fully stocked selection of baked goods which makes it hard to choose from when you’ve only been awake for 40 minutes and it’s just after 6 AM.

I think it’s the little things that can say a lot. When they gave me my coffee it was minus a lid and a sleeve. I paused for a moment thinking they’d realize what they’d forgotten those things, but no. There was no lidding, or sleeving. It was up to me to do that for myself. I caught myself thinking, ‘Huh, if I were at Starbucks they would have put a lid and sleeve on for me.’

I almost laughed out loud at what a spoiled coffee brat I’d become.

There’s some things about Peet’s that I find interesting. Sort of sets it apart from the other guys.  A Starbucks cup has they’re logo in the middle, which gets covered over by the heat sleeve, and, near the bottom, usually something warning you you’re about to drink something hot. The Peet’s cup has these interesting tribal drawings placed so the sleeve doesn’t cover them, and near the bottom a brief description about the art.  It’s nothing huge, but unique that, in a way, Peet’s is kind of entertaining us.

That’s about it. Not setting the world on fire with an amazing post today. Oh, and the coffee? Two thumbs up.


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