The TSA – Feeling up grandmothers since 2001

Every day the TSA strives to reach new heights of ineptitude. They made their personal best today.

If you’ve been through a US airport you’ve seen the TSA. They’re easy to spot. They’re the bitchy, rude, disgruntled people who couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.

Here’s an example. My fiancee was at LAX, returning to the UK after a visit here and she was pulled out of line to be frisked. What was it that made them suspicious? Was it that she spoke with an English accent, or was it her blue eyes? Oh, maybe it was that she’s caucasian. No? Could it be that she was wearing pants and a form fitting top, which could easily hide a bomb? Maybe they were suspicious because her passport showed she’d never gone anywhere near the middle east. No, it wasn’t any of those. It’s because the TSA are functional illiterates who couldn’t get a job at the drive up window of McDonalds.

Today the FBI caught Falsal Shahzad, you know, the guy that left a bomb in the middle of Times Square. Guess where they nabbed him. On a plane bound for Dubai. The plane had boarded, closed the hatch, and was backing away from the terminal when they radioed the pilot to stop.

When he bought a ticket and paid cash, did that raise any suspision with the TSA? No.

Did the fact that it was a one way ticket… to Dubai set off their spider sense? No.

That he didn’t have any luggage, now that had to make them raise an eyebrow. No, it didn’t.

Oh, I got it. He was on the “No fly” list. That must have sent the TSA into actions, right? No.

So, what the hell was the TSA doing that let him walk right onto a plane and completely miss him?

It’s not bad enough that, hands down,  TSA employees are incompetent, but they’re supposed to be responsible for our safety. Instead they’re abusive, rude, and if you don’t treat them like they walk on water they’ll abuse their authority and put you though the blender which can, and has included being detained, missing your flight, striped searched, etc.

The TSA says it does not profile. Not true. If you’re white, elderly, an infant or child you’re on their list of the high-risk, most dangerous suspects.


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