The Elusive Puzzle Piece

It’s been a long while since I last wrote. If you’ve read my previous post you have an idea why. It’s hard enough after life has given you a beating and harder still to write about it while it’s happening.

Writing now is a little tough only because I’m out of practice.The beatings continue, but feel less brutal.  Karen has been here for the past two weeks and that’s been great. I know we human beings are not perfect, but having said that I’m convinced in both my heart and mind that she’s as close to a perfect fit for me as there possibly can be.

For the first week we were constantly exhausted because we both knew she wasn’t going to be here very long and we tried to stuff as much as we could into a 24 hour period. Sea World, motorcycle rides, Santa Barbara, PCH, and on and on.

I hadn’t been to Sea World in a very long time. It’s different than I remember. Isn’t that always the way?
We saw the Shamu show where I couldn’t help but notice that the trainers did not get in the water with the Killer Whales, let alone ride on their backs. We went to the dolphin pool where we fed and patted them. This was the one experience Karen didn’t want to miss. Lauren wasn’t too keen on touching the dead feeder fish so we’d pop the fish into the dolphins mouth and Lauren would pet them.

I was dreading the drive home thinking that I’d be pretty zonked after a full day at the park. After we left Lauren fell asleep on her stuffed dolphin for a bit, but after she woke up we got into a driving/music/animal guessing game and the drive went by really quick.

Karen bought her motorcycle gear and we took a ride through back roads up to Santa Barbara. It was great weather, great company, and she took to the bike in no time.

We went by the Honda dealership to check out the Goldwings. Just the comfort of the saddle is enough to make me want one.
I took her by the gym I use because she’s looking for a gym when she moves here.

Mark came over one evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It struck me how satisfying it is to have these great people in my life and the unique connection I feel with each of them.
Earlier in the day Karen and I were shopping for snacks for the evening and she’d picked out a couple of bags of ‘healthy’, multi-grain and vegi chips. I laughed a little and she asked me why.
I told her, ‘You have to know the demographic you’re shopping for. This is Mark. Not some tree huger.’
I grabbed ice cream bars.
That night I brought out all the snacks and handed Mark the bag of vegi-chips. He scrutinized the front of the bag and in a humorous way nobody else could pull off his face drained of all interest, he dropped the bag with an air of disdain and turned to me saying, “What else ya got?”
It was exactly the response I was expecting and I laughed my butt off.

To wrap up and tie in the title of this post, I’ll quote the saying that ‘there’s a lid for every pot’. Meaning there’s someone for everyone.
I’m not a typical ‘everyone’. I’ve been described as not exactly a day at the beach and frankly I’ve wondered if there’s anyone, normal, not on heavy drugs, or in therapy, that could put up with me. It’s a lot to ask.
In Karen i’ve found that she’s the complex puzzle piece that fits me.
I have great children, truly good and rare friends, and now a woman who loves me for who I am.

It seems that while life is beating me up with one hand, it’s giving me some wonderful gifts with the other.


One thought on “The Elusive Puzzle Piece

  1. You are the lid to my pot. You are the perfect match for me, and I love you dearly. It was a fabulous two weeks and yes, it’s what life is going to be like for us both very soon. I can’t wait.

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