Things in general

Wow! That’s all I can say. Just, ‘Wow!’

I had high hopes for this year and so far it’s Chris – zero, Year five. I need a win. I really do. … really

Okay, lets focus on the positive for a bit.

I’m looking for a new motorcycle helmet. I’ve found two and I’m seriously stoked about them. What? Afford them?

C’mon, get real. Okay, so anyway these are the contenders.

Here we have the KBC Ed Hardy ‘Tiger’ VR2. What I like is the Asian style graphic of the tiger in the flames. It also comes in a white style, which doesn’t really have the same feel to it. The other thing that kind of cools me off on the design is the big Ed Hard logo on the front.

I’ve never been one for being a walking designer billboard. The upside is that the gray helmet doesn’t show it as much.

The other helmet is the Icon Domain 2 Devil Dog. I don’t know what first grabbed me about this one, but grabbed me, it did. What struck me was that this thing looked like the kind of nose art I’ve seen on WWII tanks.

The colors are great and the only thing it seems to need is a turret on top sporting a 75mm gun. The venting is supposed to be very good, and it’s easy to see why.

Between the two of them I have to say I’m leaning towards the… wait for it… yeah, you guessed it, the Devil Dog. I mean just look at it, right? But, wanting it and getting it… well that’s two entirely different things, but I do need a new helmet. That much is true.

In other news I found out that the makers of one cigars that David got me hooked on, have opened a shop in San Diego.

Yes, the fine purveyors of coffee and cigars is now much closer than Hawaii. Saving a ton on shipping. I didn’t waste any time in telling David of my discovery. He also didn’t waste any time in calling them up to see if they carried cigars. They do.

When he found out, David told me that he was in trouble now. All his free money would be spent there. I know exactly what he means. Their Kona cigars rock!

So, there you have it. Some fun stuff to read about.


One thought on “Things in general

  1. Hey Chris we have a Bad Ass Coffee here in Ventura, I will check it out to see if the carry cigars too. And they happen to share a parking lot with a cigar shop and a Mac Talk apple store. Might be worth a trip north eh, 🙂

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