Muscle Building

It’s like lifting a five ton, red hot block of steel over your head while an angry Malaysian canes you… but harder.

Sometimes the most challenging thing you can overcome is getting off the couch. After sitting at a desk all day I find myself drained. Mentally tired more than physically, but I rely on my mind to motivate me. When it’s sapped of any desire to live after a day of memos, office politics, and putty gray walls, all I want to do is not do anything.

And that’s the evil trap. The less you do the more you want to do less.

Out of boredom I was surfing the net and came across one hundred push ups. No, really. One Hundred Push Ups.

After reading their site I thought, ‘Why not?’ I mean, how many people do you know can do a hundred push ups? I don’t know anyone. So, why not?

I took my ‘initial test’ and found where I fit in. Now it’s time to see how I do in the program. I hope Charles Atlas will be proud of me.

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