And so it goes

That’s the right word. Not ‘bang’, ‘crash’, or something with a decisive or dramatic feel to it. Just a limp, deflated ending that leaves me bewildered.

This is the results of an endeavor I’d undertaken over the past two weeks. I’d gotten the idea to create something I thought would be very cool and, at least in my opinion, very fun.
It came to me a long time ago with the death of the Disney World Adventurers Club. Rather than letting it fade in to memory I wanted to keep it alive as best I could. So I went to work and all the while I had in mind a way to make it very exclusive, but with the potential to grow.

I admit that as I was in the process of putting this together I was excited at the prospect of unveiling it and seeing the reaction it got. I wanted to get it right the first time and had done my research and it was paying off. I’d lost count of the hours I spent on it, but it showed in the results.

To ensure it was accessible to members only I had to use an online process instead of something I could do on my home computer, which didn’t have the security ability I needed. It required a membership to an online site.
I chose that because I didn’t want it to be a laborious and time consuming process. The membership is free and the sign up takes two minutes, at most. I know. I timed it.
Finally it was ready and all was in place.

To give it the feel of exclusivity and secretiveness I sent out the first cryptic invitation and waited. And waited. And … waited. Nothing.
I’d decided that I’d bring one person who I thought would get the most out of it and give any feedback then expand from there.
Curious, I dropped a hint about signing up; and waited. Still nothing.
I let it go, but couldn’t figure out why they weren’t doing it.
It was a bit of a let down after building up in my own mind how cool they’d think it was which added to the disappointment I was feeling. After a while I just came out with it and asked what was going on and why they hadn’t signed up?
It turns out that cryptic and mysterious is not their thing. They wanted a explanation of what this was all about, what they were getting into, what part they played in it. They explained they didn’t have any interest if it meant they’d have to ‘do’ anything and so on.

Of course, I could have relented and told them, but I put this together with something very specific in mind. I’d put the effort into it to make it something both fun and unique. It didn’t cost anything more than a couple minutes of time for them, so I felt asking for them to sign up was a very small price to pay. They felt the price was too high.

I was deeply disappointed. I get that it was partly my fault for assuming it would be fun and all that, but was surprised at the flat out resistance I got. Having to explain it would have been the same as giving someone a good book to read and telling them the ending. It just spoils the it.
But they refused unless I met their terms.

In the end, though, the experience has killed my enthusiasm and I’ve lost the sense of enjoyment I had before. I’ve trashed and deleted most of it and will finish it off tonight.
The two things I regret the most is that I know it would have been really enjoyable, yet it never saw the light of day because it was too much trouble to sign up. The other is that the next time I get an idea to do something like this again, it’ll stay that way. Just an idea.


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