We draw the curtain on another three day weekend

I write this as I wolf down the last fast food dinner I hope to have for a long time. Yes, like you, I had three days all to myself and, no, I didn’t see fit to do any grocery shopping in that time. But with the ending the weekend so goes my procrastination… I hope.

Although my original plan for breakfast didn’t happen I ended up at a nice place called Eats. It’s in the fashionable city of North Hollywood, known to the locals as (gritting teeth) No-Ho.

You know when you see someone that’s trying too hard to be something they aren’t? That’s No-Ho. It’s a nice place and if you haven’t been there before you wouldn’t know the huge effort they’ve put in to clean the place up. It’s night and day, but you can’t go there and not notice how they’re trying to pass the place off as ‘trendy’ when it’s very much not. But, don’t think it’s not a nice place to see. But ‘No-Ho’?

I’d recommend Eats. Good food. Good prices. Service was good but someone there needs to understand the universal balance between coffee and cream. When you bring coffee bring cream.


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