It’s no mystery to anyone who knows me that I like the iPhone. I’ll be one of the first to agree it has limitations, but the pros outweigh the cons. And I’m all about the outweighing.

As cool, or sexy, or trendy as it may be the iPhone is evolving in much the same way as the personal computer did. It’s fast becoming a tool that we’re incorporating in our daily lives.

Last week I used mine to find a restaurant I’d never been to, find what time Book of Eli was playing, text a friend to see the movie, calculate some expenses, shop online, send emails, play a game, check my stocks (so depressing), update this blog, conference call a software deployment, and … uh… other stuff.
Where the home computer keeps us anchored to our desk, the iPhone frees us to be more mobile than we’ve ever been.

A story that came out of the disaster in Hatie credits Dan Wooleys use of his iPhone to treat his injuries and find safety until help could arrive.

Woolley, from Colorado Springs, first used the light from his iPhone to identify injuries to his leg. He then accessed the Pocket First-Aid & CPR app to correctly diagnose his broken foot and get instructions from the app to treat excessive bleeding from cuts on his leg and also on the back of his head. Yep, there’s an app for app.

It’s all about information and how we use it. That’s what makes the iPhone what it is. If the Captain of the Enterprise says it’s good, well, who am I to disagree.


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