The amazing iPad! … uh, not really

Unless you live under a rock, and the rock doesn’t have WiFi, you’ve heard that Apple has revealed the iPad. While I’m a Apple guy and think the way they do presentations is very good neither was enough to ‘wow’ me over the iPad. Underwhelming would be a good word to use.
It’s a giant iTouch, and that’s about it. I was thinking about some witty, tongue in cheek remarks I could make about it, but to me, the iPad is pointless to be almost inert.

For a couple of weeks select restaurants in Los Angeles are taking part in Dine L.A. It’s a promotion where trendy, expensive restaurants offer three course meals at reduced rates.
I don’t eat out much, other than fast food (a bad habit, I know), and avoid going into Los Angeles when I can help it at all costs.
Lets face it. It’s crowded, it’s expensive, and traffic is brutal. Did I mention that you’d have better luck uncovering the last resting place of the Holy Grail than finding a place to park your car.
All that having been said, the food was reeeeeeeally good. If you can take everything else in stride then the food is well worth the hurdles.

If you haven’t treated yourself to dining out recently, think about it. It’s worth it.


3 thoughts on “The amazing iPad! … uh, not really

  1. I thought the iPad looked like an iTouch for the visually impaired. Also, I hear they’re going to come out with a larger version and call it the iMaxiPad

  2. Well I think it’s the most amazing device ever!

    Naw… I’m just yanking ya.

    Apple seems to have a habit of introducing things after others have introduced the same thing, but tout their thing as the latest and greatest.

    “Yeah… But I did “This”…

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