Occupation… Man

As you’ll remember not too long ago my heater had plotzed. It happened to do this right as a big set of storms were rolling in. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let me tell you it was co-co-cold!

I’d poked, prodded, and even banged on the thing. No dice. Mark came over. He poked. He prodded. He even banged. No dice, part deux. I can’t afford a repairman to come out and wave his butt crack around for sixty bucks an hour. So, I decided to put up with it. I like to consider myself to be a man of strong resolve. Yeah, resolve doesn’t keep me warm when my bedroom is 42 degrees.

I was looking at a weekend of this and just couldn’t see dealing with it. I went at the heater again. There was more poking, prodding, and banging. It was the 2001 ape men in front of the monolith all over again. I should add that there was some real critical thinking going on during all this. Things like how hard can I hit this with a sledgehammer without causing an explosion… that sort of thing.

After taking a number of pictures with the trusty iPhone I headed off to get some advice at the hardware store. I showed him my pictures and told him my story of woe. He puzzled for a moment then said,
“I think it’s the thermocouple.
“Oh, that’s good”
“I got three kinds in stock, but without seeing what kind you got I can’t tell you which kind you need.”
“That’s bad.”
“But I might know which kind it is.”
“That’s good.”
“But I’m out of stock on it.”
“That’s bad.”
So, I had him bring out the other two and then asked him what’s the most common type. I bought that one.
It took a long time to get at the little screws that are tucked away in a very little space, but I overcame all and with great hope in my heart I turned on the thermostat. “WHOOSH!” The gas came on, lit and wonderful warm air began pouring from the heater. ahhhhhhh, nice.
Then I broke the thermostat. 


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