I’m an Apple fan, but…

It started with hushed whispers. Those grew into rumors. That sparked open speculation which built up a lot of people taking note until just a few days ago the big news in the Apple world is that they’re coming out with a tablet. Now everyone is buzzing about what it’ll do, what features, and so on.

Maybe I’m one of the few, I don’t know, but I’m trying to understand what the big deal is.

The iSlate (rumored product name) sounds, more or less, like a big, flat, iPhone. So far as I’ve read the dominate features of it are reading email and online news. I’ll toss ebooks in there too. But, so what? Anyone with a computer, laptop, netbook, iPhone can read emails and news (and ebooks).

What I’ve always liked about Macs is that they’re FAR more stable than Windows, almost never crash, rarely break down, and fill a niche. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what niche the iSlate fills.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a avid gadget, gizmo, tech fan with the caveat they have a real purpose.  Though I may be premature in my thoughts about the iSlate, the rumors are pouring in daily if not hourly, in it’s current ‘rumored’ form it just seems redundant.

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