Oh yeah… it’s a Monday

It’s such a Monday that it couldn’t all fit in 24 hours so it got an early start on Sunday.
Sunday started fine, but that was early on. It started to go bad at about the same time the Packers, more specifically Aaron Rogers, literally threw the game away.
What? But the game had just started, you say. Yes true, but I saw that second play has a portend of the ending.
I was right.
Everyone kept saying ‘it’s a close game, keep watching’, or ‘The Packers are coming back’, or ‘It’s anyones game’. My response was, ‘It doesn’t matter’, ‘It still doesn’t matter’, and ‘No. No, it’s not anyone’s game. The Packers will lose.’
Sour grapes, is what I hear. Nope. Not that, either.

Despite the doubtful looks, and although I don’t advertise it, I have a sliver of psychic ability. No, I’m not nuts. It’s there. Many of my friends and I have done experiments that have confirmed it. Years ago when I told my daughter she didn’t believe me. We played a game where she’d think of a shape and I’d guess it. After getting them all right she didn’t want to play anymore.
So, when I saw Rogers throw the intercept in the second play of the game, I knew the Packers would lose. In fact I told a friend that Rogers would hand the ball to the other team and what happened? How’d the game end?

Added to that I had wanted to go running, but it was late by the time I could go running and by late I mean dark. Not enough lights at the park by then. Don’t feel like ending up on a milk carton.

My ‘Missing Karen’ meter was at an eight and hasn’t moved much since then.

Then comes Monday. I was really looking forward to my morning call from Karen, but she was held up with some pretty important things so it wasn’t until I pulled into the parking lot at work that she was able to call and then Skype did a personal best in messing up.

You know this next part from when someone is telling you a story where things happen in the same way a mason lays brick after brick in building a wall, so don’t groan when I say, “And then….”

… and then, my property manager calls to tell me that my trouble making tenants are moving out. That’s two empty units, now. Sure, they were trouble makers, but they were ‘paying’ trouble makers. This has got a heard of red flags waving around in my head. I need to get those units rented and fast.

… and then… things at work picked up and suddenly deadlines have moved up; people are looking for deliverables sooner; I’m being asked when I can have this, and that, and that other thing. My eyes shift left and right like I’m in an old spy movie until I can think up a good enough guess so when I miss the due date I can be close enough that nobody cares.

Now first, let me thank you, dear reader, for staying with me this long. It’s not the most entertaining thing to read about someone elses woes when you have a full plate, but I’m putting a lot of faith on the adage “misery loves company”.

Now it’s only the afternoon as I write these words and the realization that the day is far from over means there’s so many hours between now and midnight.
Has this Monday spent all it’s energy or is it only pacing itself and has even more bombs to drop on me.

Fingers crossed I’ve seen the end of this Monday.
Did I mention, I have to pay bills tonight?

I get home to find a note from FedEx. The package I ordered is not at my door. Nope. It’s waiting for me to pick it up. Pick it up? But… I ordered it to be, here’s the operative word… ‘deeeelivered’. Nope. The shipper didn’t mention that I have to sign for the thing so I either have to be home, or go pick it up. sigh…
Then I discover that because the insurance company didn’t get $40.00 dollars from me, they cancelled my policy. I’ve been with them for over 20 years and they cancel me. I call and arrange for the policy to be reinstated, but they screw me for an extra $50.00. Do they wave the fee? Hey, it’s Monday, remember?

And finally, I thought I’d end the evening by treating myself to a cigar. The torch I use has this little red slider which adjusts the flame. Normally, it’s set low. I nice tiny little flame. But, someone (I’m not naming names) wasn’t happy with it there and turned it up the last time they used it. So, when I was holding the cigar in my hand and triggered the flame out shot this long spear of flame that went beyond the tip of the cigar and burned me, but good.

Ah yes. It’s been a Monday.


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