LOOK OUT!!! Um… nevermind

You ever have one of those  __________ (days, weeks, months, year) where you’re just not feeling it at work? There’s not a single fiber of motivation in your entire being and though you make an honest effort your motivation EKG is flat-lined.
That was me. I had stuff todo. Nothing pressing, but you know… stuff. (sigh) You’d of been proud of me. I worked up enough energy to at least look like I was into it. I’d do that frown-thing to look like I was concentrating. I’d scroll document pages up and down. And hey! I even read a little of it. Impressive, huh?

Now, I’m at my desk. I’m not bothering anyone, keeping to myself, all incognito, like, when I hear the distinctive beep-beep-beep of a dump truck backing up. Backing up to my desk, in fact.
No kidding, in less than two minutes I have three emergency database files I have to create and send out today! a project that’s got what they laughing call a ‘constrained’ timeline. Constrained? A boa constrictor would die with envy at how much they’ve crushed the timeline of this project. And (here’s the kicker) I don’t know zip about the systems I’m supposed to do the analysis on, AND I have a yearly performance evaluation to write about myself, don’t get me started on the genius behind that one, AND … ah well, you get the idea.
It’s what’s called, around here, as a ‘hair on fire’ moment.
I could have cared less. My manger was at my desk telling me all this and I could see he was anticipating that expression on my face, you know the one, deer caught in the headlights screaming ‘Holy #%*&!!! I’m gonna die!!!’  Yeah, that one. But instead, I shrugged a shoulder, couldn’t be bothered to shrug both, and said, “These things happen.”

Now, there is a difference between feeling unmotivated and not doing the work. I’d like to joke about it and say I just dumped everything in a drawer and surfed the net, but that’s not how I operate… mostly.
On a normal day I’d have freaked out by this tidal wave, but that’s not today.  I did sort through a lot of the stuff and found out that about half of it was A. not an emergency, and B. had already been done by someone else. So, if I’d of panicked only to find out later that I’d let myself stress over a workload that didn’t exist I’d of been pissed off the rest of the day. I’d go into detail why, but it’s complex and, um, this is a post about the lack of …


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