Of Coelacanths and Swiss knives

Lost! No, not the weird TV show. My Victorinox pocket knife. Last month I discovered it was lost.

I’m a sentimental guy and this pocket knife had been with me for years and all over the world. So, losing it was no small thing. You may have noticed how depressed I looked, black armband of mourning, that sort thing.

The very day Karen left for home I found it. Was it a sign telling me that she’d return? Was it just ‘chance’? As for me, I blame the Car Key Gnomes.

Mark and I swung by The Big Easy. A very retro, almost Bogie like, cigar shop/club. Aside from needing better ventilation, I like the place. I think next time we’ll sit closer to the door.

Later it was pizza and Bastards. The inglorious kind. I like Brad Pitts character, but there wasn’t enough of him in the movie. There were different story lines with different tempos and switching back and forth lost the momentum for me.

It wasn’t as gory as everyone had told me it would be, but then again, I’ve seen enough zombie movies that I may not have as delicate nature as some. Which reminds me. I’ve added another link on the sidebar for those of you to explore.


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