Well, here we go

Tomorrow begins a new year. This time around it looks like big things will come with it. At least the ones that I can see are good, but it’s impossible to know what will come floating along the current of 365 days.

Today Karen and I started the I-295f forms. I’ll be finishing them up in a couple of days and then they go out. After that… wait.

Karen and I have spent the last couple of weeks together and I have to say they’ve been the best days of my life I can remember in, literally, years.  But, today she left. We knew it was coming. We hated that it was coming and we hate it now. Still, I want to keep those amazing feelings with me for as long as possible.

Not exactly a stunning beginning to a new blog, but it’s got to start somehow. Oh… why a new blog? I was looking for a blog that I could access and update from any computer or my iPhone. Sadly, iWeb doesn’t have this flexibility.  So, I’ll give WordPress a try for a while and see how that works out.

I’m going to put in the work, or hope I do, to make this a better year. Once I decide my resolutions I’ll list them on the sidebar and keep tabs on how I’m doing.

Happy new year, everyone. Lets make it a very good one.


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