Safe & sound

This morning I got a spurt of happy texts from Karen that she’s landed safe and sound. It was a gentle flight this time with none of the bumps and sudden drops that make my stomach flip at the very thought of it.

She’s waiting for her connecting flight which is a short hop where her dad will take her home. I’m guessing that she’ll be dog tired and want to sleep a good long time.

Words just come down that those of us in the office today can get out a little early. Nothing staggering, but hey, I’ll happily take what I can get.

Mark’s birthday was yesterday. He’d gone on a mini trip a few days before and was sending me pictures of his travels. Normally we get together on birthdays, but with Karen leaving was was less than good company and would not have been a light of cheer.

Not sure if Marks trip was just to get some miles under his belt, talk to his Indian spirit guide, or what. In any case I hope he had a great time and got something from it he can use in his life… other than a keychain, that is.


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