Today, Creepy Things Will Know My Wrath

There’s something about being sick, like with the flu, for a long time that acts like a paint stripper. After a while being ill wears away how you normally respond to things. Either it’s from lack of energy, cabin fever, one too many Sham-Wow commercials, I don’t know.

It’s no revelation to anyone who knows me I don’t like spiders. Big, small, doesn’t matter. And for reasons unknown to me these crawling manifestations of evil seem to end up INside my home more than out.

This morning I’m in the process of waking up, and it is a process. Like most of you, I enjoy easing into the day. Having coffee, sitting on the couch, feeling my mind and body coming online. This was the setting today when I spot a large black, multi-legged fiend stalking across my living room floor. A gi-normas Black Widow. These spawns of Hell chill my blood, but today was not the day to test me.

I had reached my limit of giving a damn and went Godzilla on this evil bastard with all my might.

I was one step away from hanging it’s carcass outside with a sign of warning to all it’s fellow creatures. “Know this fate is yours, all who enter my house!” It would be festooned with drawings of all manner of grisly means of death. But, I simply couldn’t be bothered.


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