The iTopher

So yesterday I found a new app, maybe just new for me. This one allows me to access my Netflix account and add movies to my queue. This is not an amazing app, but it's just one more thing that allows me to live a more mobile life. And more importantly it helps to distract me from the lack of voice dial ability.

For me this is a stunning lapse in what could make the iPhone perfect for my needs. Voice dial isn't just a 'nice to have'. I use my driving time to complete my phone tasks… okay, I just rap with friends too, but I hate having to wait until the next red light to look down, press Phone, press Contacts, scroll… scroll… scroll, press John Doe, press Home or Mobile… and somewhere in there the traffic light's gone green and people are honking at me. So yeah, not good.
Now with the release of Android and all the flexibility of it I'm watching to see if Apple gets on the ball. I like Apple, but I'm not a Coolaid drinker. If they don't deliver with what they should have put in the iPhone to begin with, I'm leaving the iPhone behind.

Last night was another P90X night. It was yoga. Piff. Yoga, how hard can that be? Hard enough that I'm limping today and I didn't finish it last night. Holy hell! I don't know what kind of shape I'll be in after I finish this program, but it's only been three days and right now I'll be glad if I live through it.


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