I keep starting to get started

Samantha’s wedding is over. Mark has moved out of his girlfriends place and the bulk of the insane work at the office is gone… and I’m still stressed to my limit.

I’ve been wanting to get started on a new exercise routine and it’s been a total pisser getting the gear. Yeah, I could have it all right away, but I’m trying to save some bucks by buying from ebay or craigs list.
Yes, I’m saving money but I’m making up for the savings with frustration.

I’m trying to prepare for this workout routine because it’s very hard and demanding. I’ve been doing the gym thing for a long time but this is a whole different level of commitment. I’m trying to keep myself psyched up for it … even though I haven’t started. It’s all about where your head is and if mine isn’t focused on doing this I’ll fail before it’s over.
I’m expecting my last piece of gear by this weekend (I hope) and then it starts. It’s funny how nervous I’m feeling about this… or stupid?

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