iWeb… you lose

With the new addition of my iPhone it brings changes. Like a lot of you I’m not crazy about changes. But change can be good.

I’m drawn to eye candy like a Lemming to a cliff. But I get bored quickly if there’s nothing to keep my brain busy. When Iweb came out it was so shiny and sexy I never stood a chance. But after a while the fog of sweet eye candy lust started to clear and I saw it wasn’t all I had hoped for.

There is a drawback. To post a new entry I had to do it from my desktop. True, there are ways around that, but they are so annoying that it buffs the luster of fun out of blogging like a sand-blaster. Before I had the mobility of my iPhone it was something I accepted. But now that I can post not only text from my iPhone I can also post photos… well, that’s as they say in the land of Oz is a horse of another color.

This was a tough choice. iWeb is wonderful playground for me. It’s soo… tasty, while Blogger is kind of like an unsalted cracker.


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